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September 24, 2013

Welcome Back?

Many thanks to you for stumbling across the page and even greater thanks for reading this sentence. 

Formal Introduction: This is my blog. Theoretically, one day, this will all contain news, great products, outfit inspiration posts, and relevant information for you. Fashion blogs today are too blogger-centric and very few actually focus on the reader (see: every post on millenials ever written ever). My aim is to keep the spotlight off of myself as often as possible and provide you with tips and tricks you can use in your own life.

More Info: I am 20 years old and have interned with three different fashion publications in NYC (more to come on that in a later post). I have learned and am still learning what content readers are interested, so PLEASE send me your ideas/what you want to see. A blogger is only as good as their readership!

Why you should subscribe: So you can say “Oh, yeah. I read that blog when it first started…”

Thank you in advance to everyone for your readership. I can’t wait to embark on this awesome adventure with you all.

Happy Styling,


June 12, 2012

Summer Inspiration One

Hi all! What do you think of this music video? I love how quirky it is. Not to mention the pink hair and heart-shaped sunglasses! Talk about major summer inspiration.

So, what are your vices?

Happy Styling,

October 19, 2011

Gonna find somebody that’s twice as cute, cause I didn’t like you anyhow

Ever since I was young and in my first elementary school art classes, I have had a fascination with color.  The color wheel especially.  I would watch eagerly as I added blue paint to yellow and green appeared.  Therein lies the inspiration for today’s outfit.  Playing and having fun with color.

Color is an integral part of our lives.  We identify emotions and certain parts of our world with color.  Red is always a passionate color, maybe it symbolizes fire for some.  Yellow is generally happiness or sunshine.  My green tights, for example, elicited many different responses.  Lauren called me the Jolly Green Giant; others called me Mother Nature or Peter Pan.

A lot of people are scared of color and shy away from it thinking, “Black is so much more slimming!”  Don’t get me wrong, I love black as much as the next classically chic girl, but there are some days where you just need some fun and color is the ultimate (and most simple) way to do just that with your clothes.

So go ahead, play with your clothes!  And never, ever be afraid of a little color.

Happy Dressing!


wearing vintage shirt, forever21 skirt, target tights, h&m moccasins 

October 3, 2011

Take the Last Train to Clarkesville

I’ve been binging on 60s pop music lately.  This band, The Monkees, is one of my favorites.  They are relatively unknown nowadays but back in the 60s, they were an Americanized, commercial attempt against the Beatles.  I suppose it’s not really ground-breaking music, but I always thought it was fun.  (And the TV show was hysterical!)

Funny story about the multi-fingered ring I’m wearing.  I bought it when I was at Topshop in London this summer and was wearing it on the flight back.  When we were going through security in JFK, I threw the ring in the box with all the rest of my jewelry to go through the scanner.  The man working the metal detector pulled it out of the box and asked me gruffly, “What’s this?”.  I panicked a bit because I am in love with that ring and didn’t want to lose it.  I started spurting out anything and everything I could think of to save my beloved ring from being confiscated. “I just bought that ring at Topshop!  I swear it’s not a brass knuckle or anything, it’s just a multi-fingered ring! IT HAS HEARTS ON IT!” etc. etc… After I had blabbered for a while, the man called over one of his colleagues and after inspecting the “ring” let me pass through security.  But only after I had been given a lecture and told to pack it in my carry-on next time.  Everytime I wear the ring now my friends make fun of me and ask who I’m going to punch!

I hope you are all having a great day, and remember: always pack your suspicious jewelry in your carry-on!

Much Love,


P.S. Doesn’t the last picture look like something from Alice in Wonderland?

wearing h&m blazer, urban outfitters dress (stolen from lauren!), target tights, urban outfitters shoes, forever21 necklace, topshop ring

September 21, 2011

I put the right foot in front of the left

This morning started with me sleeping through my 8:30 class…..whoops! (I set my alarm to 7:55 PM, instead of AM)  But really, when stuff like this happens, all I can think is “Oh well! What can I do? Better luck next time.”  So, I  had a fun-filled day.  I hope everyone does the same and just enjoys life.  It’s too short to get hung up on silly things like missing a class.  So, I climbed a tree (in wedges!), meditated, typed an essay at Starbucks, ate pasta, read books, got kicked out of my dorm because there was a fire, and smiled my way through the rest of the day.

Best of luck to all of you with the rest of the week-the weekend is almost here! Keep smiling!


(isn’t this shirt hysterical!?)

thrifted shirt, forever21 jeans, thrifted belt, thrifted shoes


September 18, 2011

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In

Today we went thrifting in Brooklyn and found so many cool things.  It was my first time in Brooklyn-needless to say I will be going back soon!  It was so much fun; very diverse.  What are your favorite places to go thrifting? Can anyone recommend good, cheap places in the New York City area?

(I know this song is a bit cheesy for a post about Brooklyn, but whatever!  I felt like it needed to be done.)

my fabulous photographer friend, lauren.

wearing h&m shirt(collar) & sweater, vintage skirt, charlotte russe shoes

September 14, 2011

Nice to meet you,

my name’s Cailey.  You have somehow stumbled upon my very first post on my style blog, Tangled Up in Shoes.  Thank you so much for dropping by.   I hope that you will stick around for a while, and we will get to know each other very well.

So…first things first.

I am eighteen years old and a freshman at college.  I am currently studying Journalism, English Literature & French.  I hope to one day work at a fashion magazine and this blog is my first step into the industry.  I must admit I am a bit intimidated, but it certainly is exciting.  Coming with me on my journey is my fabulous photographer friend, Lauren.  All the pictures you will see are taken by her (unless otherwise noted).

I am a huge fan of music, so everyday to accompany my posts I will provide a link to whatever I’m listening to at the moment.  Today is my blog’s namesake, Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up In Blue”.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!



Target shirt, H&M pants, Steve Madden booties, vintage handbag