Gonna find somebody that’s twice as cute, cause I didn’t like you anyhow

Ever since I was young and in my first elementary school art classes, I have had a fascination with color.  The color wheel especially.  I would watch eagerly as I added blue paint to yellow and green appeared.  Therein lies the inspiration for today’s outfit.  Playing and having fun with color.

Color is an integral part of our lives.  We identify emotions and certain parts of our world with color.  Red is always a passionate color, maybe it symbolizes fire for some.  Yellow is generally happiness or sunshine.  My green tights, for example, elicited many different responses.  Lauren called me the Jolly Green Giant; others called me Mother Nature or Peter Pan.

A lot of people are scared of color and shy away from it thinking, “Black is so much more slimming!”  Don’t get me wrong, I love black as much as the next classically chic girl, but there are some days where you just need some fun and color is the ultimate (and most simple) way to do just that with your clothes.

So go ahead, play with your clothes!  And never, ever be afraid of a little color.

Happy Dressing!


wearing vintage shirt, forever21 skirt, target tights, h&m moccasins 


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