Take the Last Train to Clarkesville

I’ve been binging on 60s pop music lately.  This band, The Monkees, is one of my favorites.  They are relatively unknown nowadays but back in the 60s, they were an Americanized, commercial attempt against the Beatles.  I suppose it’s not really ground-breaking music, but I always thought it was fun.  (And the TV show was hysterical!)

Funny story about the multi-fingered ring I’m wearing.  I bought it when I was at Topshop in London this summer and was wearing it on the flight back.  When we were going through security in JFK, I threw the ring in the box with all the rest of my jewelry to go through the scanner.  The man working the metal detector pulled it out of the box and asked me gruffly, “What’s this?”.  I panicked a bit because I am in love with that ring and didn’t want to lose it.  I started spurting out anything and everything I could think of to save my beloved ring from being confiscated. “I just bought that ring at Topshop!  I swear it’s not a brass knuckle or anything, it’s just a multi-fingered ring! IT HAS HEARTS ON IT!” etc. etc… After I had blabbered for a while, the man called over one of his colleagues and after inspecting the “ring” let me pass through security.  But only after I had been given a lecture and told to pack it in my carry-on next time.  Everytime I wear the ring now my friends make fun of me and ask who I’m going to punch!

I hope you are all having a great day, and remember: always pack your suspicious jewelry in your carry-on!

Much Love,


P.S. Doesn’t the last picture look like something from Alice in Wonderland?

wearing h&m blazer, urban outfitters dress (stolen from lauren!), target tights, urban outfitters shoes, forever21 necklace, topshop ring


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