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September 21, 2011

I put the right foot in front of the left

This morning started with me sleeping through my 8:30 class…..whoops! (I set my alarm to 7:55 PM, instead of AM)  But really, when stuff like this happens, all I can think is “Oh well! What can I do? Better luck next time.”  So, I  had a fun-filled day.  I hope everyone does the same and just enjoys life.  It’s too short to get hung up on silly things like missing a class.  So, I climbed a tree (in wedges!), meditated, typed an essay at Starbucks, ate pasta, read books, got kicked out of my dorm because there was a fire, and smiled my way through the rest of the day.

Best of luck to all of you with the rest of the week-the weekend is almost here! Keep smiling!


(isn’t this shirt hysterical!?)

thrifted shirt, forever21 jeans, thrifted belt, thrifted shoes


September 18, 2011

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In

Today we went thrifting in Brooklyn and found so many cool things.  It was my first time in Brooklyn-needless to say I will be going back soon!  It was so much fun; very diverse.  What are your favorite places to go thrifting? Can anyone recommend good, cheap places in the New York City area?

(I know this song is a bit cheesy for a post about Brooklyn, but whatever!  I felt like it needed to be done.)

my fabulous photographer friend, lauren.

wearing h&m shirt(collar) & sweater, vintage skirt, charlotte russe shoes

September 14, 2011

Nice to meet you,

my name’s Cailey.  You have somehow stumbled upon my very first post on my style blog, Tangled Up in Shoes.  Thank you so much for dropping by.   I hope that you will stick around for a while, and we will get to know each other very well.

So…first things first.

I am eighteen years old and a freshman at college.  I am currently studying Journalism, English Literature & French.  I hope to one day work at a fashion magazine and this blog is my first step into the industry.  I must admit I am a bit intimidated, but it certainly is exciting.  Coming with me on my journey is my fabulous photographer friend, Lauren.  All the pictures you will see are taken by her (unless otherwise noted).

I am a huge fan of music, so everyday to accompany my posts I will provide a link to whatever I’m listening to at the moment.  Today is my blog’s namesake, Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up In Blue”.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!



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